Atelier SVATKA

Do you want to have a unique original for your wedding that no other bride ever had? Then we can tailor make a custom dress for you. We specialize in dresses for exotic seaside wedding or natural boho style. The most important for us is the comfort of the bride, practicality and maximum mobility in the dress. We create dresses from light and flexible natural materials such as cotton and silk. Ideal for active brides, who want something different and above all, no conventions.

Our original author models will be custom-made and tailored to your wishes and ideas. In our salon, you can try cuts similar to what you imagine and you can immediately get the idea of ​​what suits you. We will discuss together what the possibilities are and we will just show and try on everything. You will see the approximate result immediately, you do not buy any cat in the bag.

Custom wedding dresses are from CZK 9,000, the average price is about CZK 20,000 - depending on the price of the materials used and the intricacy of the model.

ATTENTION: We create our own original models. We fundamentally reject making copies of wedding dresses from other brands and designers and we would like to point out that this is illegal and completely against our beliefs.

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