PRONOVIAS Bridal Dresses

Pronovias is recognised as one of the best bridal brands. Pronovias has simultaneously become the haute couture brand in the bridal market and has the ambition and grandeur to maintain the stature of Top Bridal Couture in the world. We are the only bridal salon in Moravia that offer this premium brand.


To view all Pronovias dresses that are currently available in-store, please switch this site to Czech version. Book your appointment on +420777112331.


Available sizes from this brand in stock are 32 - 50. To ensure the perfect fit, we alter the size and length of your dress prior to the wedding


Pronovias dresses rental ranges from 12.000 to 22.000 CZK. Being a designer salon, we comply with recommended prices set by the brand.

Custom Order

You can choose any dress by Pronovias - for sale or for rent. Dress sale and rental quotations will be provided to you by our bridal stylists.

Many more glorious dresses by Pronovias are available in our salon in Brno

New arrivals:

To view all the dresses available in our shop, please switch the site to Czech version.