PRONOVIAS Bridal Dresses

Pronovias is recognised as one of the best bridal brands. Pronovias has simultaneously become the haute couture brand in the bridal market and has the ambition and grandeur to maintain the stature of Top Bridal Couture in the world. We are the only bridal salon in Moravia that offer this premium brand.


View all Pronovias wedding dresses that are currently available in-store, below. Book your appointment on +420777112331.


Available sizes from this brand in stock are 32 - 46. To ensure the perfect fit, we alter the size and length of your dress prior to the wedding


Pronovias dresses rental ranges from 12.000 to 22.000 CZK. Being a designer salon, we comply with recommended prices set by the brand.

Custom Order

You can choose any dress by Pronovias - for sale or for rent. Dress sale and rental quotations will be provided to you by our bridal stylists.

Pronovias Apollo

Pronovias Atira

Pronovias Fornax

Pronovias Mimosa

Pronovias Ederne

Pronovias Efigie

Pronovias Ursa

Pronovias Elara

Pronovias Ganymede

Pronovias Eridani

Pronovias Dalgo

Pronovias Estambul

Pronovias Elsira

Pronovias Malena

Pronovias Elenco

Pronovias Umbriel

Pronovias Kerberos

Pronovias Io

Pronovias Nika

Pronovias Valera

Pronovias Pasiphae

Pronovias Drail + plášť

Pronovias Emily

Pronovias Morocco

Pronovias Iocaste

Pronovias Antiope

Pronovias Eureka

Pronovias Lucky Star 03

Pronovias Circinus

Pronovias Albion

Pronovias Vita

Pronovias Primadona

Pronovias Famosa

Pronovias Aquila

Pronovias Amaltea

Pronovias Bellatrix

Pronovias Caelum

Pronovias Volantia

Pronovias Hegemone

Pronovias Lacerta

Pronovias Juliet

Pronovias Ariel

Pronovias Cressida

Pronovias Verdi

Pronovias Venus

Pronovias Drabea

Pronovias Xeic + Xara (body + sukně)

Pronovias Xenine

Pronovias Maxime

Pronovias Enya

Pronovias Laetitia

Pronovias Estampa

Pronovias Escala

Pronovias Miramar

Pronovias Escocia

Pronovias Esele

Pronovias Essien

Pronovias Mia

Pronovias Morgane

Pronovias Maebry

Pronovias Eileen

Pronovias Eiran

Pronovias Edel

Pronovias Melanie

Pronovias Darian

Pronovias Erial

Pronovias Etolia

Pronovias Mar

Pronovias Vaula

Pronovias Manacor

Pronovias Matiz

Pronovias Metis

Pronovias Emelina

Pronovias Elche

Pronovias Ema

Pronovias Divina

Pronovias Drizana

Pronovias Ofelia

Pronovias Drepea

Pronovias Drisule

Pronovias Drilos

Pronovias Xenine

Pronovias Dinara

Pronovias Doha